Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Automate customer retention with Klaviyo flows

  • 13 February 2024
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Review the key takeaways, case studies, and additional resources from today’s training in our downloadable recap handout.


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View the session replay below: 

During this session, we:

  • discussed how flows help with customer retention

  • broke down the elements that make up a flow

  • learned ow to use flows and campaigns concurrently

  • reviewed must-have retention flows

Key takeaways from the training: 

  1. Flows are highly customizable so take the time to personalize and optimize each messaging experience.

  2. When done properly, flows and campaigns utilized together within a marketing strategy should complement each other by bridging communication gaps.

  3. Since repeat purchasers spend 3x as much as first-time customers, setting up post purchase retention flows is key to influencing a repeat purchase.

Additional resources:

Comment below any questions or let us know of customer retention strategies that have worked for you!

2 replies

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Is it possible to use Klaviyo AIs ‘Predicted next purchase date’ as a flow trigger and if so, how do I do it?

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Closing the loop here with the answer from your other thread: