Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Centralize your customer data with Klaviyo (for entrepreneurs)

  • 19 April 2023
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This post contains resources related to our live training [Strategy session] Centralize your customer data with Klaviyo (for entrepreneurs).


Session recording

During this session, we:

  • Gave an overview of Klaviyo’s database

  • Discussed why have a centralized database is important

  • Went over ways to utilize Klaviyo’s database for your business

  • Applied the strategies to your brand



Make a copy of the worksheet:



Key takeaways from the training 

  1. Having all of your data in one place allows you to better personalize your content for customers.

  2. If you are not utilizing all that Klaviyo has to offer right now, it is okay! Use the four steps to help guide you:

    1. Identify your data

    2. Organize the data

    3. Import the data into Klaviyo

    4. Use the data to personalize content for your customers

  3. Don’t forget to review the data you have in Klaviyo and update/sync new data from your external tools as needed. 


Additional learning resources


Thanks for joining us and I hope to see you at an upcoming training soon!


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