Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Design a custom segmentation strategy for your business (for large and mid-market businesses)

  • 8 May 2023
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This post contains resources related to our live training [Strategy session] Design a custom segmentation strategy for your business (large and mid-market businesses) which will take place on Tuesday, May 9th, at 10AM ET/3PM BST. You can register to attend this training live if you haven’t already done so!

During this session, we:

  • Review the importance of segmentation and the different ways you can use segments
  • Explore different segmentation criteria based on common business goals
  • Learn a framework to design the right segmentation strategy for your busines


Make a copy of the worksheet:


Key takeaways from the training 

  • Segmenting your customer base enables you to deliver better experiences for customers and achieve a higher marketing ROI.
  • A good segmentation strategy takes into account your business goals and stage of development.
  • Identify immediate next steps as well as think about the long-term vision. 
  • Continue monitoring your segments and refine your strategy as your business evolves.


Additional learning resources

Additional topics discussed in the May 30th session:


Which segmentation strategy are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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