Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Testing and optimizing flows

  • 25 April 2022
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Whether you were able to attend our live session or not, you can find a replay of the session below! Learn fundamental principles of A/B testing, understand what elements of flows can be tested, and gain a deeper understanding of how to conduct tests in Klaviyo. 


Here are some additional resources that may help you as you begin constructing, running and analyzing A/B tests in flows: 


Want to learn more about statistical significance? 


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3 replies

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Thanks Jennifer for the presentation. It was great to be able to look back as I wasn't able to join it live. 
One question though; I know we can setup a content test with 2,3 or 4 variants. Would that also be possible for experience tests? Like time delays, with 3 variants? Using a conditional split with 33% division would only lead to 2 branches.

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Hey @Femy 

Thanks for reaching out! Happy to jump in and help.

You are correct that currently you can only test two different time delays with one conditional split. However, say you want to test 3 different time delays, you can set up the conditional split with a random sample of 33 percent that will go down the yes path and 67% down the no path. Configure the yes path with the first time delay. Then if you add another conditional split at the beginning of the no path with a 50% random sample you can set up the additional two time delays and you will have an even distribution of profiles for your test. 

Hope this helps!

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hi @stephen.trumble  
Thanks for your reply! Aaah all clear now, thanks so much.