Recap: Q3 Marketing Guide with &BAM

  • 21 June 2021
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Hey All, here’s a quick recap of the Q3 Marketing Guide event with &BAM.   

@Taylor Clark  - when would the recording be available?  There was a lot of gold in this session that I may have missed while taking notes!


Who Was On There:

  • Nichelle Hubley, &BAM

  • Taylor Clark, Klaviyo


Can you believe we’re heading into Q3 of 2021 already?!

As mentioned above, I didn’t get everything covered in detail in this session so I recommend watching the recording when it’s available as well. 

However, I did catch the main points that I’ll recap here. 

Q3 in the eCommerce world can be described as the quiet before the storm.  Obviously it depends on what industry you’re in and what products you sell.  But, for most, it’s a time when there’s very little when it comes to landmark holidays to run messaging around.  

Instead of running promotions to fight the seasonality, it can be a good time to test content, messaging, offers, features, etc. in preparation for the make or break time in Q4.

Taylor offers some suggestions on what to focus for each month, perhaps picking a project that you've been putting off and focusing on that:



  • Relationship building

    • Build up our SMS consented subscribers

      • Ie. Existing email subscribers - text to join, retargeting pop-ups




  • We have a holiday this month! Labor Day (Sept 6)

  • As we get closer to Q4, could be a good time to test offers

    • Not always discounts.. Could try: bundling, gift with purchase, membership, etc.

  • Email design

    • Try new CTA’s (call to action)

    • Test out templates. 


The above are only general guidelines of what you could do during these 3 months, but you may just pick one and work on really mastering that (or you don’t have the time or resources to focus on more - which is okay).  If that’s the case, pick the one that you think will have the most impact and improve it (If you’re not sure what would be best, DM me and let’s brainstorm!)


Relationship Building with &BAM:

I LOVE how Nichelle and the team approach their strategy for email. 

They show some really great examples, so again, it’s worth a watch!

Here’s my notes in point form:

  • Know what your customers are doing in their life at this time of year

    • They are in Summer mode! 😎 (vacation, beach, family time)

      • Instead of selling, plant seeds right now

        • Build engagement -> trying to get to an emotionally engaged subscriber (Nichelle drops a stat of how emotionally engaged customers are far more profitable)

        • To build an emotional connection “hit the heart, gut and funny bone”.

          • Build trust

          • Show your personality

      • Make it relevant

        • What they do > What they say

          • What products do they look at? Where do they click? How many times do they come to the site? What do they do when there? Etc..

          • Klaviyo makes it easy to track this data and create segments from it :)

  • Test offers

    • 2 categories of offers:

      • Take Offers - discount, free shipping

      • Give Offers - promote brand, bundles, bogo’s, points, gift with purchases

    • Tailor offers to different segments, for example:

      • Never bought: intro offer, starter kits

      • 1x Customers: bundles

      • Repeat customers: loyalty points (give these people something that will make them feel warm and fuzzy - they are you promoters!)


Great session, highly recommend catching the recording when it’s out.  Happy Q3!! Drop a note in the comments or DM if you want to throw some ideas around for Q3.

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Hey @Mailbox Manny ,

Thank you very much for putting this together. The replay video is now available here: 

Great recap!

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Thanks Taylor! Definitely giving this a watch again.

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Fantastic recap of this session, @Mailbox Manny