Meet the Champions: Chelsea Grove

  • 2 March 2022
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Meet the Champions: Chelsea Grove
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 Why did you get started with Klaviyo? To take our clients to the next level.
What message do you have for people new to Klaviyo? If you work in e-commerce, Klaviyo is 110% necessary. The boost in sales and customer retention is almost instantaneous.
What is your favorite part of Klaviyo? The Flows - make life so much easier for a busy client and agency.
What does the Klaviyo Community mean to you?

Coming from a small agency, it's such a great place to bounce ideas off of, get tips, troubleshoot, etc.


Chelsea with her family

:closed_book: What is ​​your favorite or most inspirational book?

Favorite - Franny & Zooey - J. D. Salinger, inspirational - A lot of times it's anything not kids or work related so that I have a little escape from daily life, i.e. suspense, beach reads type

:gem: What is your most treasured possession?

My Sodastream

:clapper: Who would play you in a movie?

Jennifer Garner - she's got the mom thing going on

:movie_camera:What is your favorite movie?

The Rock - I have said this since I was 10, I don't know if it still is but I am sticking with it

:island: What is your favorite vacation spot? 

A cabin by a lake in the middle of nowhere


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