New and notable: Klaviyo product updates

  • 2 March 2023
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New and notable: Klaviyo product updates
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February was a busy month! We’re excited to announce new features to help you check flow performance in one click, easily review profile data, and more. From new API endpoints to an upgraded view of the flows page, we’re always improving Klaviyo so you can spend your time where it matters most.



Top features this month

  • A reimagined flows page.  Check out more details about the flows page redesign.

  • Notifications upgrade from the bell icon. Learn more about the enhancements here.


Other notable releases

  • A/B testing in recipient’s local timezone is now available. Check out the Help Center to configure these additional test settings. 
  • Profiles page redesign. Check it out today.
  • Add a close button to form teasers. Learn more 
  • Quick actions now available from the main search bar. Check out the Help Center for more information.
  • Centra integration launch. Learn more about the integration here

4 replies

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I’ve had a ton of merchants ask me about a close button on their form teasers in the past, so it’s great to see that feature added to Klaviyo!

Oftentimes, not having this option was a dealbreaker for using the teaser in the first place because of other third-party apps (like live chats) that different sites were using that would overlap with or be covered by the teaser unless moved to another location. And as we know, more is not always more when it comes to onsite displays. 

Can’t wait to revisit those conversations! 

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Loving the new design on the flows page, including the ability to archive old flows and clean up that page a bit. Some of our Klaviyo accounts have a LOT of flows so its awesome I can keep it better organized. 

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Hi Klaviyo Team,

I love redesign flow tab with revenue at first glance 👍

Teaser close button is nice improvement of this feature 🙌

One question this will be added as default to all active teasers or we need to add it manually?

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Hey @Jakub 

You will need to update any active teaser that you want to use the teaser close button on. As a general rule, Klaviyo will not force an update unless  we give you ample time and notice to make the updates first on your own (ie switching to the new editor). With the close teaser button, we want those who want it to have it available but not force those who don’t. 

Thank you @Ashley I. @Akers Digital & @Jakub for your feedback! We truly appreciate our Champions!