... So What's Next: Advanced Segmentation

  • 20 January 2022
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... So What's Next: Advanced Segmentation
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Hello Community! One of the most popular strategy topics you’ve raised involves the broad topic of segmentation. It’s a new year, and the perfect time to focus on creating a few new segments

We’ve heard you ask: 

  • 🤔  I understand the basics, but what do I do next? 

  • 👍 How do I maximize sending without compromising inbox placement, sender reputation and ultimately revenue

  • 😱 On the flip-side, how do I send to an engaged audience without missing out on revenue?

Once you have the basics down, you might be interested in adding variation. Take a peek at how to building a sending schedule for engaged users which will help you do the hard work all year.


In addition to watching the video, you can review the basics of creating an engaged segment and some sneaky-good alternative segments here

Happy Segmenting!! A giant shoutout to @lucina.rowe for creating this amazing content for our Community Members, thank you!

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3 replies

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Hello Klaviyo Community friends! :hand_splayed_tone1:  Just wanted to encourage you to post any questions you might have about segmentation strategy! Hope you found the above helpful!  -Lucina

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With advanced segmentation, you can add a set of nested conditions that allow for different combinations of data you’ve collected—like purchase activity, gender, age range, and more. For example, instead of sending two campaigns to two basic segments, you can send a single campaign to one advanced segment that includes all the same contacts.



Rachel Gomez

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Thank you for that.

For anyone interested, here’s a related article.