Adding past profiles to flows has never been easier

  • 20 June 2023
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Adding past profiles to flows has never been easier
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We’re excited to announce improvements to adding past profiles in Flows! Add Past Profiles (formerly known as “Backpopulation”) allows you to queue people for flow actions retroactively. It’s most commonly used when you set a new flow live but want to queue contacts that would have qualified had the flow existed earlier. Adding past profiles ensures that you hit every eligible past contact with the right message, at the right point in time. 


What’s New

  • Backpopulation is now called “Add Past Profiles” to clearly reflect functionality and eliminate confusion. You’ll see an “Add Past Profiles” button in the top right of the flow builder 
  • While the functionality for adding past profiles (or backpopulating) remains the same, you’ll now see a clearer set of options for how profiles will be added to the flow. This makes it easier to confidently add past profiles into your flow
  • Clearer distinctions between what makes a past profile eligible for this function along with where they will be added into the flow 
  • You’ll now see proactive updates in the flow builder to stay informed about when adding past profiles has started, finished, or if there is an error. This information is also reflected in the change log history for your flow




Learn more or start adding past profiles to your flows!


3 replies

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Love this update! 


I don’t have the option to add people at the beginning of the flow, how to solve?



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Hello @AleS,

The option to add profiles at the beginning of the flow is only eligible for list and segment triggered flows. Metric triggered flows will only have the option to add profiles throughout the flow based on their eligibility. 

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, I would suggest taking a look at our Understanding how adding past profiles works in Klaviyo and How to add past profiles to a flow Help Center articles to learn more about this feature.