Celebrate our July Community Allstars

  • 10 August 2023
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Celebrate our July Community Allstars
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The Klaviyo Community takes immense pride in fostering a dynamic and collaborative space where like-minded individuals come together to share valuable insights, uplift one another, and offer constructive feedback. Our gratitude knows no bounds for the remarkable contributions made by every member of this incredible community.

Now, it's time to unite and celebrate the exceptional achievements of our top performers in July. Get ready to be inspired as we shine a spotlight on the stellar individuals who have illuminated our path and set new benchmarks of excellence. Join forces with us in this celebration and let their success inspire us all!


Lights, camera, engagement! 🚀 Hold your applause as we introduce you to the unstoppable force: Andy Dawson, @bluesnapper . 🌟 Brace yourselves for the mind-blowing stats – Andy has clinched an astonishing 671 points, securing the coveted top contributor position for the second consecutive month!

Picture this: 13 impeccably crafted best answers, seamlessly threaded into 22 spot-on responses to our community's burning questions. 👏🔥 But wait, there's more! With an impressive 22 likes and 7 generous nods of approval sent out, Andy's presence reverberates far and wide.


  1. @bluesnapper  (671 points)
  2. @stam_marko  (233 points)
  3. @Dang Le  (116 points)
  4. @smileyrox  (112 points)
  5. @Murray Finlayson  (82 points)

The path to triumph is crystal clear: immerse yourself in the community, actively engage, and amass points that paint your journey to success. There are numerous ways to earn points, from sparking new conversations and offering invaluable aid to fellow members, to garnering nods of appreciation through likes, and offering ingenious solutions to peers' questions.

As each point is awarded, you'll rise through the ranks, unlocking coveted badges along the way, and perhaps even securing an exclusive invitations to the Superusers Group. 🚀🌟

No more waiting in the wings. Join the conversation today! 🏆🗣️



2 replies

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Congrats @bluesnapper@stam_marko@smileyrox@Dang Le & @Murray Finlayson! 🎊


I have loved seeing you all in the Community more  @stam_marko@Dang Le@Murray Finlayson - learning and sharing your knowledge with others!

Would love to see you all at our exclusive Superuser monthly meetups and networking & strategy events soon ;) Want a sneak peek what they’re like? Check out below! 


Anything interesting you’ve learned from the past month in Community? 


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Thank you @stephen.trumble and @Taylor Tarpley !

Loving helping out, and learning as I go too 😊 

@stam_marko @smileyrox @Dang Le @Murray Finlayson - great company to be in!