Community Monthly Roundup [Jan 2022]

  • 3 February 2022
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Community Monthly Roundup [Jan 2022]
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Hi there Community Members!


Happy Lunar New Year to those that celebrate and I hope your January was full of new discoveries, fun memories, and amazing marketing strategies!

Starting with last month, I wanted to present everyone with a small recap of each month going over some popular topics we’ve seen pop up in the Community, as well as offer some resources that are related to the most common subjects. We hope that this will provide both a monthly recap of resources for trending topics for specific months and we can see how we’ve all progressed in our Community journey here over time. We hope that you gain as much out of this as we do and hope to see all of you excelling with the Klaviyo product and sharing your knowledge with other community members as well!

Popular Topics

Through the month of January, we saw that the three most popular posts all had something to do with design and customization! It’s great to see that our Community has taken the next step to level up their marketing and business strategy by personalizing emails and experimenting with altering templates.

The threads that received the most views over the month of January were:

Regarding these topics, I’d love to share an Academy course on Getting Started with Email Design to check out! I believe it is a great intro resource for those new to Klaviyo and recommend it!

Question for the Community

What have you seen as the best practices for your own business when it comes to design and marketing? Share your tips and experiences below in the replies!


Thanks again for reading and for being a part of the Community!
See you next month,







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Hey Community! 


Really cool to see what our users have been most interested in this month! On the topic of design and customization, want to bring attention to a pertinent live training that’s coming twice this month that could interest our users! @jennifer.brisebois will be covering topics like:

  • Debunking the myths of email design

  • Elements of effective design

  • Klaviyo design productivity hacks

  • Examples of email designs that convert


Hope this helps anyone looking to grow in this aspect!