Drive purchases with low inventory flows

Drive purchases with low inventory flows
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We’re always looking for ways to share new and innovative ways to use Klaviyo so I wanted to highlight how you can drive purchases with low inventory flows. I’ve shared how it works below, but as a community, hearing how you have implemented our features is invaluable! 


We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments:

  • What has been your experience with low inventory flows? 
  • How have you used them and what are some key takeaways that could help others?

How it works

Low inventory flows send messages to recipients when an individual product or specific product variant is low on stock. Whether it’s for the entire product, individual sizes, colors, and more, you can use flows to target customers who need a little extra push to make their next purchase.


To get started, navigate to Flows and Create from Scratch. In the trigger panel, select Low inventory. You can also check out our help center for more detailed information on creating low inventory flows.


To make sure you’re reaching shoppers most likely to buy, flows are only triggered for people who have engaged with a product in some way – by adding the item to their cart, viewing the item, or starting a checkout. And to ensure your customers aren’t hearing from you too much, you can add settings to skip anyone who has recently purchased. 


With our new low inventory flows, you can drive urgency for your shoppers when stock levels of their favorite products reach a low point. 


We look forward to hearing more about how you are using this new feature!



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I love this new feature! It is one of the better Klaviyo updates lately that will hugely improve the strategy options for companies.

As an agency we work with all different kinds of brands and create different types of strategies specially when it comes to increasing revenue for our clients.

This specific feature would be of a great help! For all clients, but mainly the ones that don’t want to rely much on sales. It is providing a great incentive to the exactly right people.
I would argue that this incentive is probably going to be even more powerful than the discounts because it targets exactly those people that are interested in specific products, and with right combination for the setup (Klaviyo provides a lot of options here which is great) this has potential to be a great addition to every strategy.

Since it is a new feature we still don’t have enough data to support these believes but we will definitely be implementing it and following how it functions.

The setup can provide several strategy incentives:

  • if you want a really high Purchase Rate the best setup probably would be to set it to show when less than 10 products in inventory for the people who started checkout for this product in last 30 days but didn’t buy it
  • If you want to Increase revenue in general, probably some setup like this will make more sense - Show when less than 20 products in inventory for everyone that added the product in cart in the last 45 days and haven’t purchased the product
  • And the last suggestion is for making this a high frequency flow but probably with less effective KPI’s where we will set it up to work for people who viewed the product that has less than 20-30 products in inventory in the last 90 days and didn’t placed an order for it
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Thanks for sharing your insights and strategy incentives, Bobi!


That’s why he’s a Champion, folks @Bobi N. 💪