Greetings from Andrew, Klaviyo's CEO

  • 23 September 2020
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Hi everyone,

Welcome to our online community and forum!

It’s our mission to empower people to get closer to their customers and grow their businesses
. When we started Klaviyo, it was really hard to do this. So we built a product to make it easier for everyone. That’s going really well, we have 100,000s of entrepreneurs and businesses using Klaviyo.

As we’ve grown, we’ve heard our customers say they’d love to learn and collaborate more with Klaviyos and other customers. So we’ve been designing a place we could all get together online and share our experiences growing our businesses and delighting our customers. We’ve finally put the finishing touches on it and we’re excited to share it with everyone.

I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with you all -- I’m going to be a frequent contributor. Feel free to drop me a note to say hi and see you out there! :rocket:


5 replies

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Good to see you here Andrew!

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Hey Andrew :wave:

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Hey Andrew :wave: Thank you!

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Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! We are so happy you joined! Please feel free to jump in and respond to other post or start a new topic to start earning badges now!

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Great to be hear!! Super excited about getting started :)