Introducing Klaviyo CDP

  • 21 August 2023
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Introducing Klaviyo CDP
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Hi Klaviyo Community! 


We are so excited to share that we have officially launched a brand new product: Klaviyo CDP. We’ve reimagined the CDP to fit businesses of all sizes with a product that is marketer-friendly, vertically-integrated, and scales with you as you grow. 


Klaviyo CDP is built on the same infrastructure  as the Klaviyo marketing automation platform, making the tools and reports  intuitive and easy to access. Now, with Klaviyo CDP,  you have one place to unify all of your customer data in one place, transform your data, activate that data for immediate use in your marketing activities, and gain valuable insights on customer behavior. All within Klaviyo. 


About Klaviyo CDP

The CDP contains two feature sets: data features and intelligence features.


Data features: 

  • Data transformation
  • Group Membership API
  • Data warehouse syncing
  • Webhooks


Intelligence features: 

  • RFM analysis
  • Funnel analysis
  • Custom CLV
  • Audience performance reporting


Interested? Learn more about Klaviyo CDP.


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