Klaviyo Product Event

  • 23 June 2022
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Klaviyo Product Event
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We have two major announcements that will empower all brands, big and small, to use their data to drive sales, build customer connections and loyalty, and reimagine what it means to achieve personalization at scale. We have a summary of the updates below. You can learn about all of the details in the blog. 


Klaviyo One: an enterprise-grade platform to meet the complex needs of your business


Klaviyo One is a new tier of Klaviyo, built specifically for larger brands with features that allow for more collaboration between internal stakeholders and a significantly improved way to work with our experts. 

With Klaviyo One, you’ll have access to:  

  • Industry-leading security, compliance, governance, and reliability

  • A support team that guarantees your success—so you don’t have to go it alone

  • Advanced segmentation and personalization—at scale

  • An ecosystem of partners who do the heavy lifting for you


A CDP that delivers more flexibility and extensibility


Soon, we’re releasing a new way to buy and leverage Klaviyo as a true CDP by building an add-on that extends Klaviyo as a data platform. This offering will be called the Klaviyo CDP and will be available in H2 of 2023. Klaviyo’s CDP will also provide you with more tools to ingest, store, and activate all your customer data at scale.

Join the waitlist for our CDP offering today


Let us know what you think about these updates in the thread so we can share your feedback!

2 replies


Any update on progress/release dates of the standalone CDP?  Our team was really excited about this and signed up to be early adopters, but its been radio silence since last summer.



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Hi @zlkahn,

Thanks for your patience! We spent the last year learning from our customers and Partners what would be the most valuable CDP product offering for them, and are excited to be bringing an extension of the Klaviyo data platform, known as the Klaviyo CDP, to market in the second half of 2023. This will allow brands to do more with their data, manipulating and activating it scale, all inside of Klaviyo. We’re excited to share updates on this soon. Be on the lookout!