Meet the Champion: Casper Ackermann

  • 7 March 2024
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Meet the Champion: Casper Ackermann
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Why did you get started with Klaviyo? As our ecommerce & retail clients have always been an integral part of our business, we discovered Klaviyo as one of our clients stumbled upon it back in 2017. We looked into it and discovered the various aspects of the platform that made it a no-brainer. Since then, we have grown to become the largest Klaviyo partner in Scandinavia.
What message do you have for people new to Klaviyo? Spend time diving into all features in the platform. It's the scope of the platform and the various features that makes it an optimal choice for ecommerce and retail businesses.
What is your favorite part of Klaviyo? I love the data structure and the ability to execute and segment in all aspects of the platform.
What does the Klaviyo Community mean to you? It allows for great knowledge sharing.

 📕 What is ​​your favorite or most inspirational book?

I really enjoyed reading "Beyond the Wall" about life in East Germany. Additionally, the classic "1984" was thought-provoking.

:gem: What is your most treasured possession?

I have some very old books which are greatly treasured that I have inherited from my father

:clapper: Who would play you in a movie?

My partner: "You're Christian Bale in The Big Short"

:movie_camera:What is your favorite movie?

Downfall (Der Untergang)

:island: What is your favorite vacation spot? 



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