Meet the Champions: Adam Ragsdale

  • 7 March 2024
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Meet the Champions: Adam Ragsdale
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Why did you get started with Klaviyo? We migrated from Mailchimp at my last full-time company. I've been recommending it ever since.
What message do you have for people new to Klaviyo? Take advantage of the great education and support resources. Help Center, Community, and the Support Team are all top notch. Using these resources together, I have always found the answer I'm seeking.
What is your favorite part of Klaviyo? It's so easy to use that you can really level up your marketing game. Not just email, but your entire lifecycle marketing journey. The ecommerce integrations provide so much data on customers and behavior that you can really get to know your prospects and customers. Then it's so easy to leverage that intelligence for targeting and personalization across marketing channels.
What does the Klaviyo Community mean to you? I really value being able to learn from peers who are using the product. And now as a Champion, I look forward to sharing even more of my knowledge.

📕  What is ​​your favorite or most inspirational book?

Oh, the Places You'll Go // by Dr. Seuss

:gem: What is your most treasured possession?

My dad's artwork. Check him out here! ;)

:clapper: Who would play you in a movie?

Johnny Depp

:movie_camera:What is your favorite movie?


:island: What is your favorite vacation spot? 

Costa Rica or waist deep pow


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