[Poll] What’s the deal with Groups?

  • 3 March 2022
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[Poll] What’s the deal with Groups?
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Hello Klaviyo Community!

As many of you may have already noticed, we have a new member that’s joined the Community’s navigation bar - Groups

User Groups - what are they and why are we building them?

This new Group feature is an exciting expansion to our already growing Community! Groups are voluntary channels you can join to share ideas, strategies and learn from others of a similar interest that could be more aligned with your specific brand strategy. 

One of our main goals of the Community is to build collaboration and allow everyone to share ideas that could spark amazing discussions. To make this easier, we’ve translated this to our Groups to allow everyone to more easily join the conversations they are interested in and share their own perspective.


We want to hear from you!

With this in mind, we want to hear your thoughts on this subject! We’ve come up with some initial ideas on how to structure our groups through research, but we want to hear your feedback to help further guide our strategy. 

Comment your thoughts below with anything you had in mind surrounding Community groups. Consider the following questions to help trigger some ideas:

  • What do you want to get out of these groups?

  • What other groups would you be interested in joining?

  • Interested in joining industry specific groups? Give this post a Like if you are!

Also, let us know in the poll below on the types of content you would be interested in seeing within these unique groups! 


Exciting things are happening! So keep a lookout for more news on Groups in the coming future.


What type of content would you like to gain from these groups?

8 replies

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Hello Community members!

I wanted to thank all the members who have provided feedback in this thread for our groups program.

With your great suggestions and thoughtful insights we were able to launch our new Developer Group!

If you haven’t had to chance to, you can read up on our announcement in the post below:

If you’re interested you can join this group by clicking the Join Group button in our Groups section found at the top navigation or directly through the Developer Group page. 

As always, thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!

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Product category definitely! 

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@David To Yes exactly.. like for example I’m not a designer so most of the design questions I can’t help with except if it is something general but I know that designers in our team can benefit a lot of communicating in a group with other designers

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@vitbarreto, thanks for the personal insight on this!

@Bobi N., that’s an interest suggestion! More like a job title or job role to connect with one another?


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I like the ideas that are already there.. I would just add maybe groups about copywriters.. designers.. sales.. marketing (just places where people from different areas can share ideas)

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Great suggestions @Mailbox Manny 

The potential of groups are huge!

I can list some benefits I would see in some types of groups you mentioned:

  • Geographic location (ie. In Brazil we have different kinds of payments that could spark insights on different flows and experiences, like an “open order reminder flows”; Also, SMS in Brazil is rarely used (we use mostly WhatsApp), or perceived as SPAM, so insights on this would also be helpful)
  • Product category - I would love to hear what other book publishers are doing and what works (and doesn’t work) for them. As a book publisher in a very specific segment (Buddhist books), I struggle with the average order value, as most loyal customers buy only my latest release, for example.
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Hey @Mailbox Manny, loving those suggestions and grouping options! 

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Other ideas for groupings:

  • Brands
  • Service Providers/Agencies
  • Geographic location (ie. Canada, Australia, etc..)
  • Size of business (conversations for 7 figure+ stores would be different than starter stores)
  • Product category (ie. Apparel, Sporting Goods, Jewelry, Beauty, etc..) - maybe that falls under industry specific - if so, then maybe around type of business (eCommerce, Service, B2B, etc.)