Product Update: Shopify Consent at Checkout

  • 29 September 2021
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Product Update: Shopify Consent at Checkout
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Hi Community, 


Anthony here from the Product Marketing team at Klaviyo 👋 with another new feature update for SMS! 🚀

I’m excited to share big news about Klaviyo’s Shopify integration: Consent at checkout is now available! 


One of the best ways to grow your SMS subscriber list is to collect consent when your customer is placing an order—and now it’s easy. This enables Shopify users to collect SMS consent from high-intent customers, quickly grow their SMS subscriber list, and send targeted text messages (e.g.abandoned cart) to far more visitors. 


Find out more about how consent at checkout can help you grow your SMS list in our latest blog post.


Ready to start seamlessly collecting consent? Read our step-by-step guide on how to set up consent at checkout. 

3 replies

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This is awesome! I haven’t tried it out yet, but thought I would ask.  We collect phone numbers as a mandatory field at checkout.  If they click consent to SMS, will they need to add their phone number again? Or is there a way to auto populate that field if they submitted a phone number?



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Hey @Mailbox Manny,

Great question!

Despite already having a phone number field present in your contact information section of the checkout page, upon selecting the SMS opt-in checkbox, users will be prompted to enter their desired SMS consent phone number again. This is because we can’t assume the customer wants to opt-in with the number provided as part of their order.

This additional step is to ensure that your customers are providing SMS consent for a mobile phone number that they want to receive SMS details pertaining to marketing materials. Customers may want to associate their orders with a variety of phone numbers such as their landline or their work phone number which they may not want to or are unable to provide SMS consent for. 

I would also suggest reaching out to Shopify for more details surrounding a method to change or implement a method to auto-populate the default phone number field to coincide with the SMS consent collection function.

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Hey @anthonydelpizzo 


Thanks for sharing this announcement. I’m an intern at a reputed Shopify marketplace app development company. I always look for these types of important news and announcements.