[Updated with responses and video!] Ask us anything: What are your Klaviyo + Shopify integration questions that you've always wondered about?

  • 10 April 2023
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[Updated with responses and video!] Ask us anything: What are your Klaviyo + Shopify integration questions that you've always wondered about?
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Hey Klaviyo Community! You asked and we answered. Here are the questions and answers to help you get the most out of your Klaviyo <> Shopify integration. 

You can find the specific questions with timestamps beneath the video. I have also included linked resources discussed in the video for each question. Let us know what topics you’d like discussed in the future! 



  • Hi. I'm creating my automated workflow emails. I sell skincare products and want to create a workflow that sends an email to my existing customers. A reminder to stock up on the products they have purchased in the past. I would like the emails to populate the products that were purchased in the past. For example: " Are you running low on your blank cleanser? (shows a picture of the product they purchased before) buy today so you don't run out". The abandoned cart workflow populates the items in the cart, I'm hoping I can find a way to do this for restocking a product. Any ideas?
    • (Answered in the video) This sounds like a replenishment flow would meet your goal. A replenishment flow. This kind of a flow can nurture customers at different points in their lifecycles if you're selling products that your customers purchase repeatedly within a certain timeframe. This Klaviyo Community post provides a few more details. You might also consider creating a cross-sell flow. This kind of flow allows you to follow up with customers to try to cross-sell or upsell similar or related products after they make a purchase. would also encourage you to join our Health & Beauty Industry Group as well. In that group you’ll find others to bounce ideas off of. 
  • We just started using Klaviyo and I have to say it's very disappointing that as a Shopify customer, we are not able to turn off your shipping notifications. I understand this is a feature for Shopify Plus, but it's disappointing as a small business to not be able to use Klaviyo for our confirmations. We've built 4-5 different shipping emails based on product type and country, which is essential for us to get important information out to our customers through shipping confirmations. This is such an important way for us to communicate with them about what to expect and so on. When will this be available to turn off? We use Skubana to fulfill our orders who then sends the information to Shopify, but we want to be able to use our own email templates and flows that we've built in Klaviyo for shipping confirmations. Is there any way to work around this? I know some people suggest putting 'automatically fulfill order line items' but that is the last thing we want. 
    • (Answered in video) Most order, shipping, and customer account notifications are sent to customers automatically, and can't be disabled. With that said, when you are processing an order, you can disable some notifications for actions on that order - such as shipping confirmation, update, out for delivery (with certain shipping providers) and use a Klaviyo template instead.
  • I want to collect subscriber emails through a Klaviyo pop up on my store but use a pdf download as bait to collect the emails. How do I do that using Klaviyo?
    • (Answered in video) You can collect subscribers through a sign-up form and promote a downloadable resource. Basically you can put a URL to redirect subscribers after clicking the button. In the “After Submit” field select “Go to URL” and in the “Destination URL” put the URL of your e-Book or downloadable resource. This Klaviyo Community post provides more details about this topic. 
  • Is it possible to see the UTM campaign name on Shopify Report?
  • I tried to send a birthday email using flow, but there is no birthday in the trigger. I have birthday data using a Shopify metafield. Can I pass this birthday data to Klaviyo and use it in the flow? I would like to know how to add birthdays. Thank you in advance for your help.
    • (Answered in video) You can pass birthday information via a custom tag and create a segment based on the tag or downloading birthdays from Shopify and uploading the CSV to Klaviyo
  • How often is data from Shopify updated in Klaviyo?
    • ​​​​​​​(Answered in video) When new changes are made to your specified Klaviyo profiles (after any initial backfill), these will be reflected in Shopify within 30 minutes of a change being made in Klaviyo, though most changes should reflect within a minute.
  • Is it possible now to trigger an email to be sent only when a specific product is ordered? 
  • In the next few months, I will launch a few new products and I would like to collect pre-order subscriptions for them. I would like to add a product image and email form to subscribe to the Thank you page of my main product. This email form should be integrated with Klaviyo. What do you recommend to fix this on my Thank you page?
    • The best way to accomplish your goal would be to create a form on the ‘thank you page’, and then have those responses connect to a list that you can either create a flow for, or send a campaign to when you would like. This Klaviyo Community post and this Community post provides more details about this situation.
  • When will the "Notify Me When Available" button be available on 2.0?
    • It is possible to utilize the “Notify Me When Available” button on Shopify 2.0 themes. You can use a snippet that will automatically show a "Notify Me When Available" button on your Shopify store's page when an item is out of stock and by clicking on this button customers would be able to subscribe to Back in Stock notifications on Klaviyo. These instructions apply to both Shopify 2.0 users and those using vintage themes. Here is more information on installing Back in Stock for Shopify as well
  • Would you consider asking Klaviyo to not use such basic classes for their elements? I've found that all of their apps just use "button", for example, which interferes with the theme the app is being integrated with. It's stated all over Klaviyo's support documentation that they don't support integration into "third party themes", which I would understand if that meant Theme Forest Themes, but it actually refers to themes from the Shopify Theme Store, which have been vetted and specially selected by Shopify. This leaves hundreds of thousands of merchants in the lurch, as they'd like to use Klaviyo's service, but they don't offer support to merge the two. I know many theme partners have reached out to improve this situation but have never received a response. Can we count on them to work with Shopify Theme Store theme partners to make our common merchants' lives easier in the future?
    • Thank you for your feedback. We’re interested in learning more about your specific use case and the pain points you’ve encountered. To best relay your feedback to the product team, we will be reaching out to you directly. 
  • Klaviyo is listed as one of the apps whose code impacts my store's page loading performance. Is anything being done to engineer out any performance impact from having Klaviyo installed? 
  • I have the Klaviyo integration, but I was facing an issue with out of stock status. Can you please help me?
    • It sounds like you’re dealing with an issue with a back in stock flow. Since this sounds like a specific situation, I would encourage you to search for ‘back in stock’ in the Klaviyo Community. If you don’t find guidance that resolves what you are facing, you can also create a new post with more details about where you are getting stuck and a Klaviyo Community Specialist will get you back on track.
  • Is there any plan for Klaviyo to support multi-variants with different prices Shopify products for the price drop flow? Right now, it is only possible if all variants have the same price applied to them.
    • You can create multiple price drop flows and then use filters to target specific items. However it is not currently possible for the price drop functionality to work on a variant level. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes. Our price drop functionality works on a product level – for a product to trigger a Price Drop Flow, all variants of the product must drop to the same price and will be sent to any customers who are associated (eg. viewed or started checkout) with any variant of the product. We will also be sharing your feedback with our product team.

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