Welcome our new 2024 Community Champions

Welcome our new 2024 Community Champions
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Hello Community, 


I’m happy to announce our 2024 Community Champions! 🏆


Our Community Champions are industry experts who lead peer learning in the Community! These MVPs are thought leaders in Klaviyo, marketing, and ecommerce. Our Champions come from all over the world, with clients of every size and industry who are eager to share their strategies and knowledge with you so we can own our growth together! 


Champions ensure that our Community is the place to get a pulse on what leaders are doing in each industry, connect with others, and provide tips and tricks for other Community members. 


We have a mix of old and new Champions making up our ‘24 cohort, so please welcome these 20 Champions and make sure to check out their profiles to get to know them better!


 Here are our Champions from each area of the world! 


North America

  • Peyton Fox // @Spark Bridge Digital LLC 
  • Bethany Donovan // @Bethany D. 
  • Joe Hsieh // @retention 
  • Bryan Richey // @In the Inbox 
  • Ashley Ismailovski //  @Ashley I. 
  • Brett Bernstein // @Brett_Gatsby 
  • Katherine Burlock // @KatherineB 
  • Gabrielle Pitman // @ebusiness pros 
  • Alexandra Palau // @AlexandraPalau 
  • Adam Ragsdale // @Adam Ragsdale 



  • Omar Lovert // @Omar 
  • Bobi Nikolovski // @Bobi N. 
  • Casper Ackermann // @Casperackermann 
  • Carl Reynolds // @Carl Reynolds 
  • Victoria ap Gwynedd // @Victoria_ap_G 
  • Bobby Leonard // @Bobby 
  • Stefan Milicevic // @StefanUE 
  • Andy Dawson // @bluesnapper 
  • Anna Sophie Fokdal Christensen // @annasophiefc 



  • Kylie Williams // @Kylie W 
  • David Visser // @DavidV 


For more information on our exclusive Champions and how they serve the Community and Klaviyo ecosystem, check out our FAQ below! 


We look forward to another amazing year in the Community with the help of our ‘24 Champions.


Please thread your congratulations below or share how these Champions have already offered their support or expertise to you in the Community! 🚀


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Welcome new and returning Champions! We are so excited to have you share your knowledge and expertise with others! 🎉

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So excited to be back for a second year, and to see the program grow!! 🎉

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So good to be part of the 2024 Champions program and represent APAC from the bottom of the world together with @Kylie W!

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So excited and happy to be here, for a second year! Looking forward to the year ahead with the Klaviyo Community and the 2024 Champions 🙌

Also stoked to be representing APAC with @DavidV 

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Thank you for the warm welcome, @Taylor Tarpley
Looking forward to being a part of the program and more engaged in the Klaviyo Community!

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So excited to see so many returning faces and all the new Champions! Looking forward to learning even more from you all this year!

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Thank you for welcome @Taylor Tarpley! Happy to be here as a first year Klaviyo Champion and excited to contribute to the Klaviyo community. 🤗

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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley! Looks like this is going to be an exciting year! 

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Thank you for the warm welcome @Taylor Tarpley ! Looking forward to getting more involved!

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What a welcome @Taylor Tarpley , going to be a great year 🌟

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So excited to be a part of the program and team this year. Thanks for the warm welcome, @Taylor Tarpley 🙌

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This is going to be a great year for the community!  Excited to be part of it!!

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Its great to be back, thank you Klaviyo and @Taylor Tarpley. I am excited to be a part of the growing community and be able to help Klaviyo users! 

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My goodness there is way too much brainpower in here. LOOOK OUT, Y’ALL!

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Congrats everyone ✨✨✨

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Congrats everyone! Excited to work with you all throughout this year. 😊 

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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley @stephen.trumble @kaila.lawrence @chloe.strange  and congratulations to all!

It's great to be part of the 2024 group! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Thank you to our wonderful community team for organizing this Champions program! I’m glad to see our cohort grow, and really excited to continue supporting the success of each Klaviyo customer in this community.