What’s new in Klaviyo: April product updates

  • 26 April 2022
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What’s new in Klaviyo: April product updates
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As promised, every month we’ll be sharing how we’re making our software more intuitive, more flexible, more unified, and more capable of helping you deliver the experience that you and your customers want.


Want to skip right to the good stuff? Read through each feature in more detail on the blog.


Compelling subject lines at the ready 

The Subject Line Assistant will help you craft email subject lines that snag your subscribers’ attention. Try it today


Optimize popup form performance with benchmarks 

Get a detailed assessment of how your popup forms are performing compared against your competitors. Explore benchmarks


Find more email and SMS inspiration, quickly

Uncover relevant content examples in seconds using Showcase’s search bar functionality. Check out Showcase


Automated IP warming to hit your deliverability goals faster

Build a strong sender reputation and maintain good deliverability with help from Klaviyo’s guided warming. Learn more


New partner integrations

  • New ways to grow on Shopware

    • Shopware users now have access to the same tools that enterprise brands use to drive growth with Klaviyo. Explore this integration

  • Faster shipping updates with ShipBob

  • Grow your email and SMS lists with Friendbuy

💡Let us know which features you’re most excited for in the comments!

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