April Community Allstars!

April Community Allstars!
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At Klaviyo, we value and encourage a collaborative community where our members actively participate and support each other by sharing their insights and providing constructive feedback. As we recognize the contributions of our community, we would like to showcase our top contributors for the month of April.


We're excited to announce Mark, also known as @s0lid, from Plus63 Digital Marketing Firm as our top contributor. With a total of 102 points, Mark's active participation in our community included creating three new topics and providing valuable insights through nine replies. Additionally, Mark's contributions were appreciated by the community, receiving three likes for his posts and giving six likes to others. 


We would also like to recognize all of our top contributors for April, whose engagement and contributions make the community thrive.


  1. @s0lid  (102 points)
  2. @worcestershiresauce  (86 points)
  3. @popsmash  (71 points)
  4. @brewcrew  (67 points)
  5. @jmacman  (65 points)


Are you ready to make your mark in the Klaviyo community and see your name on the leaderboard? It's easy - simply engage in the community and earn points for your participation. You can earn points in various ways, including creating new topics, providing helpful replies to others' posts, receiving likes for your contributions, and offering the best answers to your peers' questions. As you accumulate points, you'll level up your ranking, unlock  badges, and even be considered for an invitation to become a Superuser. Join the conversation today and start earning your way to the top!


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Thank you @s0lid, @worcestershiresauce, @popsmash, @brewcrew, @jmacman for all of the ways you’ve added to our community! 🎉

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Wow! Thank you guys! 😍😍😍