BFCM Challenge: Enter now to win prizes!

  • 12 July 2023
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BFCM Challenge: Enter now to win prizes!
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Join the Klaviyo Community's Black Friday Cyber Monday monthly challenge and gear up for the ultimate weekend of holiday marketing! We're thrilled to present a series of exciting challenges each month leading up to BFCM, designed to supercharge your preparation. By actively participating in these challenges, engaging with fellow members by providing feedback and likes, you'll earn valuable points along the way.

🏆Prizes to be won!🏆

At the conclusion of the BFCM challenge, November 24th 2023, we'll reward our top 3 participants with an exclusive opportunity to receive:

  • a personalized one-on-one account audit session with a Klaviyo expert. 
  • invitation to join one of our highly sought-after community Superuser group virtual meetups.

Get ready to unlock your full potential, gain valuable insights, and network with the best in the industry. Join us in the Klaviyo Community's Black Friday Cyber Monday monthly challenge and let's power up your BFCM success together!


Your first challenge should you choose to accept it: Audit your deliverability


Auditing your Klaviyo account is always a good idea, but taking early action to analyze your Klaviyo account setup allows you time to identify gaps, test new strategies, and optimize in time for a successful holiday season. Your sender reputation is crucial for landing in the inbox during BFCM. Complete the following 3 steps to enter the BFCM challenge and start earning points to win!


Step 1: Complete an audit of your deliverability health

  • Confirm deliverability health—use the Benchmarks feature in-app to observe performance relative to your peer group and industry 
  • Can also use our comprehensive benchmarks by industry guide
  • Metrics to pay attention to include:
    • Open rate*
      • *Keep in mind iOS15 adoption increase! 
    • Click rate
    • Bounce rate
    • Unsubscribe rate
    • Spam complaint rate

Step 2: Make a plan for improvement before BFCM


  • Build out L30, L60, L90, and L180 engaged segments
  • Start sending campaigns to these smaller, more engaged segments
  • Clean your main list by manually suppressing contacts who have not engaged in 365+ days
  • Prep for holiday sends to larger groups of subscribers by following this Sending Guide* from the Klaviyo deliverability team


  • Continue sending campaigns to your full, unsegmented subscriber list 
    • *Note: we do not encourage sending to all opted-in subscribers! “Full List” should exclude invalid emails & extremely unengaged profiles (365+ Days unengaged) 
  • Resend every campaign to non-openers unlikely to engage as this will likely hurt your sender reputation
    • Pick your spots to use this strategy, and monitor performance closely! 

Step 3: Share your findings and plans for improvement in the thread below

  • What areas of opportunity did you identify in your audit?
  • What steps will you take to improve your deliverability before BFCM?
  • If your deliverability is already in great shape, what did you identify as the leading factor for success? 


Additional community resources:


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Great idea! Last year was great for BFCM for us but always plenty of room to improve in! 

So far for campaigns we’re at a 42% open rate, 4.9% click rate but a verrrry low placed order rate which will be the next thing to address.

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This is a great step by step guide and we are excited for the challenge! We just replatformed our ecommerce site and are still working on how to adjust our flows based on that, too. Has anyone else gone through that experience?

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Hi @abbyrose


I’d check out Stephen’s latest update in our BFCM challenge series on how to update your flows, might be helpful!