Community Showcase: Summer edition

  • 23 June 2023
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Community Showcase: Summer edition
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This months community Showcase template comes to us from Verb. Summer sales are a big revenue driver for many brands. Verb’s template uses 2 different discounts/offerings while using 1 call to action for their customers. By keeping the call to action the same (to shop now) and offering a discount on specific items and a free product on purchases over $45, Verb was able to achieve high click through rates on their Summer sales campaign!

-Does your brand use Summer sales to drive revenue?

-What templates does your brand use with multiple discounts/offerings?

-What is your strategy when using more than one discount? What business goals do you go after?

-What success have you seen from using multiple discounts?


Share your examples and ideas in the thread below!

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3 replies

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Hey @s0lid, @nambirajanks @Stefan_TheFIbreCo.@popsmash 

As some of our recent Allstars, I would love to hear or see some of your thoughts on using multiple discounts or offerings to help drive your summer sales! Got any examples?

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Thanks @stephen.trumble! Yeah, we actually have a lot of customers taking advantage of the season to run summer giveaways on Instagram (our app helps them turn their Instagram followers into email subscribers).

And to help convert all of those new email subscribers, they’ve had good results testing discounts in the welcome email, especially when using tags to target communications. When Instagram followers opt-in to their email list, we automatically capture location, gender, full name and Instagram as the source. This allows a more personalized email since those tags sync to Klaviyo for targeting.

Even the brands with smaller Instagram accounts (under 3,000 followers) generate ~$5,000 in email sales on average solely from running a giveaway a month, especially through the summer. That’s crazy ROI since it’s usually just a $50 prize and even works with $0 ad spend.

I’m sure that’ll compound as they improve their email strategy, but I’ve been impressed with how a solid welcome email with targeted discounts drives results. It’s just so much easier to track, nurture and convert email subscribers than Instagram followers.

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@stephen.trumble thanks for sharing this! I especially love how VERB is offering a free gift as part of this sale, so the reward/ benefit for shopping isn’t solely a discount on inventory.


I feel like that’s more persuasive for high LTV customers who’d already be shopping without the discount, and gives a reward for buying items that might still be full-price during the sale period.


I also agree with your point on the consistent CTA being effective. I like how despite there technically being 2 offers in the email, the decision fatigue is reduced by simply urging people to “shop the sale” and they can then benefit from whichever part of the sale/ free gift incentive they’re most motivated by.


@popsmash that’s a really interesting use case, and I can see how the IG giveaway and WS email follow-up would make such a powerful combo! If only I had more clients using Shopify… I’m itching to test this myself. Can’t wait to get that opportunity sometime soon.