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  • 19 November 2020
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Hi everyone,

Love that Klaviyo has put this together. I’ve used Klaviyo for the past 3 years but the last year I’ve really doubled down and spent more time in Klaviyo than any other software.


I’m looking forward to helping others here as well as getting help.


If you want to connect on twitter my handle is @jsappington



4 replies

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Hey Jacob @jsappington

So great to have you in the Klaviyo Community! Thanks for introducing yourself; 3 years is quite some time so thank you for being a valued part of our Klaviyo family! 

As someone that has started diving deeper into Klaviyo over the last year, do you have any tips for folks on areas that are a must to focus on? Any specific recommendations for ecommerce businesses as they navigate this years’ Black Friday Cyber Monday? 
(We also have a thread going on here for coupons/discounts if you’d like to share, and here for brick and mortar specific tactics). 

Thanks and looking forward to hearing more about your Klaviyo experiences. 

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Up until the last year I was doing everything wrong in email, not having flow filters set up correctly, way too many images in email..


So my advice would be to just start there! Make sure all the logic in your flows makes sense, turn off smart sending for at the very least your high value flows, make sure you’re utilizing text as much as possible, and of course ABS(always be segmenting) — that right there would make a great Klaviyo t-shirt 😉

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@jsappington, fantastic advice and definitely t-shirt worthy. ABS (always be segmenting). The power of Klaviyo is really data, so in order for businesses to be reaching out to customers in the most efficient and best manner, it’s best to define what the business is trying to achieve with its email prior to sending the email (what customers would want to receive this email, who gives us the best chance at converting) and create segments based off those thoughts (or hopefully they’ve already created the segment) and reach out to those segments with the correct content. 

Like Cass, looking forward to more of your posts in the future!  

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 hey @Paul S  If ABS gets made into a shirt, I expect the first printed one on my porch 😂