Idea of how to segment engagement of flow vs campaign: Zapier!

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I was getting frustrated with the lack of ability to segment engagement metrics (opens, clicks etc) based on whether the email was a flow or a campaign - and there is a stark difference between the metrics of these 2 types! So i used zapier to take the Klaviyo event, set a path (in my case, based on naming convention) and push back a metric in Klaviyo titled “Campaign Open” etc. Now i can segment to my hearts content!

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Hi @MarkA


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your workaround for the issue you were facing with the Community! Love to see that helpful spirit! 


Sorry for the frustration you felt when using our segmentation! Do you mind sharing what your goal was in creating these segments and what an example of a successful segment is that you’re now creating with your custom event? Do you mean to say you have different custom events created capturing if someone opened/clicked any campaign for ‘General Campaign Open’ or opened/clicked any Flow Message with a ‘General Flow Message Open/Click’ custom event? What kind of data have you been able to discover and how has it impacted your business goals and strategy? 


While you can’t find open and click metrics for a specific flow message in segmentation, you can create a Flow Performance Report  in your Analytics > Custom Reports section of you account and funnel the Performance Report to report on Flow Messages Vs. The Flow as a whole in case you’re interested in using this in-house option in the future. 



Additionally, while you can segment on engagement metrics on Campaign message by using the logic > What Someone has Done > Open/Clicked Email > on the Campaign Subject or Message line = ________, you’re right these are based on individual or specified groupings of campaign emails. 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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I am using to to create send segments