Marketing Strategies to Utilize for Summer-Time Sending

  • 9 June 2022
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Marketing Strategies to Utilize for Summer-Time Sending
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Hi everyone! Summer is heating up and so should your email and SMS communications! 🏝️


Of course, throwing marketing spaghetti at the wall is not going to get you the results that you are looking for, so here are a few examples of some strategic marketing efforts I've used that have gotten great success during the summer season and beyond.


Let’s Get Social This Summer!

With summer in swing, comes a great opportunity to reach your customers in fun ways! A great way to communicate with your previously-purchased customers is to send out emails and SMS communications to get them to submit user-generated content.

It can be a fun and interactive way to:

1. Get organic-looking content that you could reuse on social media and emails.
2. Serves your customers by incentivizing them with fun giveaways.

One strategy we’ve used successfully is to tie in certain prompts for your customers to follow. For example, if you sell cosmetics - you could send them a prompt about sharing their makeup looks for a summer date night that features your product line.

You can have them tag you and use a certain hashtag for tracking across different social platforms.

Pro-move: Have video submissions/posts be worth extra. You could turn those into GIFs for future emails and use them in advertising.

**Note: Always get explicit consent from your customers who participate in order to use their content in the future and check your local laws on building these giveaways.**

Utilize Summer or Seasonal Themes

Nothing makes me do a bit of a double-take more than when I get a welcome email that features winter garments when it is blistering hot outside (Okay, I’m in Florida so it is always miserably hot…but still!). Are your email and SMS communications fitting into the summer season?

Give your messages a good once-over to double-check. A one-size-fits-all approach is always recommended to keep your maintenance time down for flows, but your campaigns can have a fun spin applied when they feature a clear summer aesthetic.

Need some inspo? Check out the Klaviyo Showcase to see what other brands are sending out this summer season.

Start Preparing Now for the Holidays

What?! We’re talking about Summer strategies, why would I bring this up as well? I’ll tell ya! Any good marketer knows that the holiday season, and specifically BFCM, will be here before you know it and now is the perfect time to prepare! Even if you’re currently sweating from the summer heat.

Ensuring your flows are optimized, messages error-free, and segmentations rock-solid will help you to be ready for success.

When looking into your strategy and approach to the holiday season, reference your summer promotions you’re sending now, or about to send, to help you plan for later. Did a clear’ dollar-savings approach’ land better? Or maybe a gift with purchase was a surprise hit? Pull your full stats on summer performances to start formulating your content calendar for the holiday season.

And if you haven’t built your SMS list yet - now is the time! This avenue of communication continues to grow and can be a huge revenue generator in the holiday season this year.

I hope these quick tips inspire some initiatives this summer season and help plan like a master marketer for the future!


-@Spark Bridge Digital LLC (Peyton Fox) 

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Great tips, Peyton! 

I love the idea of preparing for the Holidays now. 


Q4 is the make or make quarter for most of the retail brands and right now is great time to test messaging and offers for Q4.  When you get into the holiday season, you don’t want to be messing around with things that may not work!