May Community Allstars

  • 7 June 2023
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May Community Allstars
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At Klaviyo, we wholeheartedly embrace and foster a vibrant community, where members come together to share their valuable insights, uplift one another, and offer constructive feedback. We deeply appreciate the incredible contributions of our members. Let’s celebrate our outstanding contributors for the month of May. Get ready to meet our allstar members who have truly shone bright!

🏆Introducing our exceptional contributor for this month, Don Gibbs ( @dgibbs  ). Don has truly made an impact with an impressive score of 180 points! Don has shared their expertise by initiating 8 new topics and providing valuable insights through 10 replies. Furthermore, their contributions have resonated with our community, garnering 5 appreciative likes. We applaud Don for their outstanding performance and dedication in making our community thrive with their invaluable contributions. Congrats, Don!🏆



🥇@dgibbs  (180 points) 

🥈@Stefan_TheFIbreCo.  (79 points)

🥉@nambirajanks  (77 points)

🥉@mirandainsideandout  (77 points)

🏅@eCommetry  (72 points)


Are you prepared to leave a lasting impression in the Klaviyo community and see your name on the esteemed leaderboard? The path to success is simple: immerse yourself in the community and accrue points through active engagement. There are numerous ways to earn points, such as initiating discussions, providing invaluable assistance to fellow members, receiving appreciation through likes for your contributions, and delivering exceptional solutions to your peers' inquiries. As you accumulate points, you'll ascend through the ranks, unlocking prestigious badges along the way and even potentially securing an exclusive invitation to join our elite group of Superusers. Don't hesitate any longer. Join the conversation today and embark on your journey to claim the top spot!


1 reply

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Thank you @dgibbs @Stefan_TheFIbreCo. @nambirajanks @mirandainsideandout @eCommetry! We appreciate all of the insights and knowledge you’ve shared this past month!