May Community Showcase: Apparel & Accessories

  • 25 May 2023
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May Community Showcase: Apparel & Accessories
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Hello Klaviyo community!

Our May community Showcase comes to us from Billy Reid. This template uses two different CTAs. Sometimes using too many CTAs can cause confusion of what the main point of the email is, but this email utilizes more than one CTA well. By only advertising these two main CTAs with clear differences is a good tactic, rather than many different CTAs for similar products. 

-What templates does your brand use with multiple CTAs?

-What is your strategy when using more than one CTA? What business goals do you go after?

-What success have you seen from using multiple CTAs?


Share your examples and ideas in the thread below!

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2 replies

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Hey @KatherineB @In the Inbox @ebusiness pros 

Our community members love to hear from our Champions. I would love to get your expert ideas on using more than one CTA in a template! What are your thoughts and how do make these decisions based on the business’ goals?

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@stephen.trumble Thanks for the tag! This is a great topic. I’ve definitely found through testing that having multiple CTAs can confuse people and reduce the overall click rate, however, there are cases where it makes sense to use multiple CTAs. 


For example, in a welcome flow you might have a brand/product intro email where you link to various collections or products in your store - in this case, having multiple CTAs makes sense and they are all driving subscribers to the website to shop. 


When it becomes confusing is when you have competing CTAs to do different things. For example, an email asking someone to sign up for an early access product launch (so the CTA is signing up) and the also including a CTA to “shop the store” - now you have 2 competing priorities for the subscriber. I always assume we will get one click out of an email - most people will not go back to an email to click multiple different things, so if you have multiple CTAs, I would make sure they are all asking the sub to do the same thing - your main reason for sending the email.