Recap discussion: [Account spotlight] Marketing secrets with the founder of Seattle Elderberry

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Let’s keep the conversation going with Holly and Julie from our June 14, 2022 account spotlight featuring Seattle Elderberry! This is a collaborative space to post any of your additional questions or share any of your own marketing wins, strategies, or lessons learned with other like-minded business owners and creators. 

During this session, we discussed how Seattle Elderberry:

  • incorporates text only emails into their sending calendar

  • uses omnichannel marketing

  • can balance out campaign and flow revenue by introducing additional flows

Note: account spotlight is not recorded, so we recommend  attending these sessions live.

If you want to learn more, check out our live training schedule to see when the next account spotlight session is scheduled (it will be in August 2022). 

If you want to get some of the strategies from the session up and running in your account: 

  1. A/B test text only and text/image hybrid templates with a small audience to see how text only emails perform with your subscribers.

  2. write blog posts and promote them via email campaigns ‌to fill the gaps in your sending calendar during slow months. Get creative and have fun with these. This helps you to stay relevant to your subscribers as well as maintain strong deliverability.

  3. tap into human nature by communicating urgency and exclusivity with your sale campaigns. Example: This sale won’t last long and only the first 100 customers are eligible. 

How do you plan to implement some of the strategies discussed today? What are some other strategies that you’re having success with?

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The Portland-based Marketing Agency I worked with:

You can directly reach Andrew, one of the founders at
Tell him Holly Cooper sent you!

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How do you collect emails via your 20% off offer in LinkTree? Do you have to be a part of the ProPlan? I noticed that it doesn’t link to Klaviyo - only MailChimp or Google Sheets.


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Hi, unable to find the link to the recording, in the event chat or elsewhere? Can you please add it here for everyone to see. thanks

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Do you have any information and/or iOS link that helps get users to still get your emails despite the update? 


Thanks in advance, Holly! Such a great webinar. Loved seeing a PNW company!

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Hi @ndr , 

We’ve made the decision to not send out a recording of the Account spotlight live trainings post event due to the nature of this series. Please feel free to use this thread to post any questions and we’ll make sure to get back to you! 

Also, if you were unable to attend and were relying on the recording to watch the session in your own time, please let me know since this will be a factor that we evaluate as we consider eventually rolling this series out to other timezones beyond EST.



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Hey @emilykerr,

Thanks for attending today’s training! Feel free to review the below links that talk about the iOS15 privacy updates that Apple released earlier in the year. 



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@emilykerr I checked the links within that e-mail and they actually ALL just point back to our website! I think the intent of the e-mail was just to get people to INTERACT with the e-mail which may be a simple way to tell their phone that they DO open/interact with e-mails from our company! So not rocket science! The links @julie.accardo posted should be helpful Too!

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@Kristyn Glad you came and posted this here!
It’s definitely a bit of a workaround, but here’s how we get the 20% discount triggered within LinkTree. If you look at “Settings” in LinkTree- you’ll see where it says e-mail sign-up.

We created a “webhook” with Zapier to capture the e-mail address, and then that webhook sends that email address to Klaviyo and dumps it into the correct e-mail list. Here are some of the instructions we followed:


LMK if that’s not enough info!

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Hi @julie.accardo I totally relied on the recording being sent, and I am on EST. I don’t understand why if we register we can’t have it? Sometimes you just can’t help it and aren’t available. Why not publicly posting it here (?), and at the very least email it to registered participants. I even emailed support for the link and they couldn’t provide it. I don’t think I’m the only one. All these comments above are out of context for me since I didn’t hear the session, so they’re not really helpful. 

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Hi @MariaMG apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for this feedback. This is a new series that we’ve recently launched and we’re still learning how to make these sessions as impactful as possible for our customers.


There are a few reasons why the decision was made to not share a recording. First, we want to be respectful of the volunteering brands that have opened up their accounts (sharing screenshots of their performance) for this collective learning opportunity. Second, this session is intended to provide the opportunity for business owners and marketing managers to collaborate together (share experiences, wins, and lessons learned) during the 45 minutes that the training is running and this is not something that can be done through a recording (which is why we have this post event Community Recap thread). 


Moving forward, we will ensure that it is more clear on the registration page that these sessions will not be recorded to avoid confusion in the future. I encourage you to reach out if you have specific questions about this session/strategies listed in the original post and I’d be happy to elaborate!


The next Account Spotlight is scheduled for August 25. You can register for it here if you’d like. If you can’t make this one, we’ll be running more of these trainings in the future!