Shopify Frequently Bought Together Apps

  • 10 February 2021
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Can you please recommend any Shopify Frequently Bought Together Apps which integrates with Klaviyo?

2 replies

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@retention can you recommend any?

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@AndriyBoychuk - Not sure what size catalog or volume you’re thinking about, but for us, in small/medium sized merchants, we were able to get away with a lot with just using Klaviyo Product Feeds with “Ordered Product” option enabled.  Then build a lot of narrowers feeds based on a Shopify Collection (or Smart Collection) as a way to filter down if you want to control the range of products it can recommend.  (E.g. If someone buys from “Cameras” - use the Product Feed “Camera Accessories”).  Of course this takes a lot of manual work for each and every category.  

For merchants that we have worked with thave have a large SKU catalog, or are high volume traffic/sales, we recommend (or typically they have already it) recommendation/personalization platforms that integrate with Klaviyo like Nosto or Yieldify that are considerable investments.

Curious to hear others input!