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  • 9 March 2023
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Was suggested Klaviyo as a great solution by the mentor from and wanted to give it a try.   I ran into small issue that I use Wordpress and OxygenBuilder as my webpage designer.  When I went looking for information on does it integrate there was nothing on the whole web about about which was not a good start.

But I loved what Klaviyo could do and set about trying to make it work.  Life would have been alot easier if I had realised that my duckduckgo extension was blocking Klaviyo from working due to privacy (so take a note of that if you have privacy blockers running). 

However I did get it to work and from that wanted to post to community so other could fine out it can be integrated and it does work rather well with Oxygen Builder.

Now into the technical stuff for Oxygen Builder people who have landed here:

There are two ways you can do this.

  1.  Add a code block to the area that you want the signup to appear then add the code into the PHP/HTML section (it is a div statement).
  2. Create a div block then create a class for that div block and add the embeded class name that Klaviyo provide you

Both appear to work well (be mindful in Wordpress if you have any caching engines turned on and clear the cache).

I can’t decide yet which works best and it might be a use case basis.  If you are only doing a single page with the signup the option one is fine.  If you want the signup to appear over many different pages this creating a class will give you control over your entire site.

Minor note.  Oxygen will not always render the signup form.  If you have it already in place an reopen the page in the editor it will show the render.  Make any changes to the block/div and it won’t appear.  But will appear in the actual page.

Overall I hope this helps anyone who uses Oxygen Builder and wondering if it will integrate with Klaviyou and the answer is yes it will.



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