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  • 22 October 2022
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Hey guys,

i have a quick question. In the e-mail opt in, the customer can sing up his email and his name.

I added a success form right after the customer sings in. Now i would like to use the customers name, which was collected one step earlier, but i can’t find the button personalization in the text block.

Any suggestions how i can fix this problem?


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Hi @C4ptainJ3lue and welcome to the Community!


It’s not possible to include a personalized message at the end of a sign up form, even if the form collects the customer’s name. However, you can send a personalized welcome note via a Welcome Flow that is initiated once the user subscribes via the form. 


If you haven’t already created a Welcome Flow, you can select one from our Flow Library by navigating to Flows > Create Flow > Search for Welcome Flow > Select “Standard” Welcome Series Flow.


Once you’ve named the flow and begun editing, you can either edit an existing email in the Welcome Flow, or drag and drop a new email from the Actions menu on the left. Click “Edit” on the desired email to bring up the email content editor, and locate or add a text box to write your personalized message:







Then, in the Text Block Editor on the left-hand side of the page, locate the Insert Property dropdown and select the “First Name” property. This will insert a dynamic property variable that will substitute the first name of the recipient of each email:

When you’re satisfied with the rest of the content, click Save and return to the flow editor. When you’re ready and the rest of the flow looks good, update the action statuses to “Live” in the top right of the page, and now customers who fill out your form will be greeted with a personalized message.


I hope this helps and thank you for using the Community!


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Hey @C4ptainJ3lue,


Love the idea of collecting a name on the form. The post engagement screen is usually a general “thanks for signing up” message. But I would also recommend trying to add 1 or 2 more fields of interest that are optional to the online visitor. Adding a field like preference (mens vs women for example) or an SMS number could be a great way to enhance your personalization efforts.