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  • 5 February 2022
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I want to have a multi-step form that once it is submitted, we automatically place a gift card in the customers’ cart. 


It would say...


“Fill out this form and we’ll automaically place a $10 giftcard in your cart” and they would input their email and hit next. 


We would then ask them a two questions about their preferences related our product and then once it’s done the giftcard would be added. They would also have to make a minimum purchase.


I know how to create a multi-step form but my specific question is how to trigger the giftcard being added to the cart with the minimum purchase requirement?




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Hi @Wildland Coffee,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

While we cannot automatically add items to a user’s cart from a sign-up form, there are some alternative options to achieve your goal.

First, consider adding a unique coupon code (which can be configured to include rules for minimum purchases) to a flow email triggered off of the sign-up form fill. This is a very widely-used strategy to deliver a coupon or gift card to users. Depending on what ecommerce platform you’re using, setting up these coupons may be slightly different. For more information on this, I recommend checking out our Guide to Using Coupon Codes

If you have a Shopify or Magento store, you can learn to generate unique coupon codes using one of the below articles:

Another option is to generate gift-card codes in your ecommerce platform and upload them to Klaviyo. From there, you can send those gift cards to specific profiles using custom properties. More on this below:


I also recommend exploring options within your ecommerce site. I’ve seen other users configure what you’re describing on their ecommerce platform (typically with gift cards or add-ons like insurance), by adding the gift card/add-on as a discrete item on the store and “linking” the purchase of the main item with the add-on. You may want to consult them to see if it’s possible to automatically add a gift card to their order when certain items are purchased and configure minimum pricing rules along with the purchase.

If another forum user has experience configuring something like this in their ecommerce platform, it would be wonderful to hear their experience achieving this as well :)