Adding an Opt-In Checkbox at Checkout & Syncing Subscribers to a Klaviyo List

  • 4 March 2021
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I’m looking to add a checkbox email opt-in to my checkout page. Is it possible to do with Klaviyo?


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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing with the Community!

The answer depends on which e-commerce platform you are using. 

Shopify does not allow their checkout page to be modified so unfortunately adding an opt-in checkbox is not possible for that platform. Shopify Plus does allow modification of checkout pages and adding an opt-in checkbox is a feature that is expected to be released by Klaviyo in the near future after beta testing concludes.

Hope this helps. Happy to provide additional information if you can clarify which e-commerce platform you’re using.






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Hi @caroline, thanks for your response. I’m using the Webflow platform. 



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Hi @grecogum,

In that case, you have a couple options. I am not super familiar with Webflow, but if the platform allows it, you could embed a Klaviyo signup form to allow users to sign up for your newsletter.

Alternatively, if you are able to add a code snippet to your site, you could add a standard HTML checkbox to the checkout, and use Klaviyo APIs to send an API call once the box is checked and the user has clicked “Submit” to opt the customer in to your newsletter. I would recommend using our Lists V2 API for this.




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We are using Magento 2, and the tab to enable consent at checkout is missing from our Klaviyo configurationsettings options in Magento. We are only using email marketing, not SMS. Can this be added to our installation somehow or should we use the HTML checkbox with API option?



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I chatted with support and got my answer. Our extension needed to be upgraded from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0.

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We have a checkbox but it does not work. We are using WooCommerce. The check box is shown on our check out box, but it cannot be clicked. I have been looking into our settings but they seem very limited as shown in the image below:

woocommerce settings (removed api keys just for this screen grab)
checkbox on check out page disabled


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Hello @Milkcan,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Can you confirm if those Public API Key and the Add a subscribe to Newsletter Checkbox on the checkout page (Klaviyo list ID) settings were filled in as well? If those fields were not populated with your specific account information, it may impact that subscribe to newsletter at checkout functionality you have. 

I would also recommend double checking to ensure that you are on the latest Klaviyo plugin version as being on an outdated version would also impact this functionality. The current plugin version is 2.4.1 which you can download from the Wordpress store.

Hope this helps!



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We are also looking to add an email opt-in check box at our Shopify Plus checkout. How can we best set this up so the opt-ins are captured in our Klaviyo account under Newsletter sign up list?

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Hello @megankelesh,

Thank you for sharing this question with the community.

In short, after this checkbox has been set-up in Shopify, you will navigate to your account's Integrations tab and click on Shopify. Just below the name of your store, you'll see a checkbox for Collect email subscribers. Check this box in order to have Klaviyo automatically subscribe new customers who are email subscribers to a Klaviyo list. After you check this box, you'll see a drop-down of the lists in Klaviyo that these people can be added to.

Shopify integration setting in Klaviyo “Subscribe new customers to a Klaviyo list” checked, with dropdown showing Newsletter list selected

Once you complete these steps, we'll automatically sync over everyone who is assigned the Accepts Marketing tag in Shopify after checking the "Subscribe to our Newsletter" box during checkout, as well as customers that signup to any of your default Shopify signup forms.

For more information on this entire process, I recommend reviewing our help center article: How to Sync Shopify Email Subscribers to a Klaviyo List.

Thanks for being a member of our community and have a great weekend.