Ask for Name, Birthday within email flow - redirect to sign-up form

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Hi all,


I would like to ask my customers for their name and their birthday within the welcome email flow.

I read through a few posts on here 




But for all these cases the suggested solution was to use buttons which update their profile properties or to redirect to the manage preferences page.

Using buttons works well when having people choose between a couple of options but it doesn’t work for names or birthdays. (or is there an easy way to make that work? for example to integrate a drop down menu where they can choose the date of their birthday?)

To redirect them to the manage preferences page would be a great option if I could have multiple manage preferences pages one for each language, but from my understanding you can only have one for each list, correct? (And I would like to keep all my subscribers in one main list) 

So the third solution seems to be to send people to a “sign-up form” when they click a link/button in my email. With this solution I could have a sign-up form that also matches their chosen language. In these sign-up forms they could easily fill in their name & birthday and these properties would then be added to their profile. 
Is that possible? and if yes, my question is how can I set this up so that these forms only appear when someone clicks that link in that email and so that the form won’t appear randomly for other visitors when they browse my website?


Or maybe there is another, simpler solution for my problem?

Thanks in advance :)


p.s. I am already asking new visitors to my website to provide their first name & birthday in a second step in the “subscribe to our email newsletter” sign-up form but these fields aren’t mandatory so for those who haven’t provided these details when they signed up, I would like to be able to ask them about it at a later point within an email flow.


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Hi @Lucia937


Happy to see ya around the Community again and happy to help! 


Awesome investigation so far! You’re right, you can only have one preference page for each list so the language-specific form seems the best path forward. You can create a hidden page on the backend of your website that wouldn’t be a URL that is known to your online store browsers or have any tabs linking to this form destination. This does mean that you’ll need to create unique forms for each language. 


I’m not sure how you’re differentiating language in your flow, but you can ensure that if the languages are broken up in conditional split paths and each language path would have an email with a unique button URL that goes to the right page with the language form embedded to collect this info. 


Additionally, you could use another conditional split to ask if the First name and birthday property is ‘not set’ for a profile and share this specific message with the form URL or target these users with a flyout or pop up form on your website by inclduing them in a segment with the same conditions: Properties about someone > First name > is not set > text.


Hope this helps!


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Oh ok, great, I didn’t think of this option of having an embedded form instead of a pop-up! Thank you for your reply @Taylor Tarpley 

I have different flows for each language but I guess the approach would be the same as you describe here.

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you mean in the last paragraph “share this specific message with the form URL”
I don’t feel confident targeting them by including them in a segment and targeting them with a pop-up form on my website due to ( : “Klaviyo may not track onsite events (and thus, not apply certain types of form targeting) for visitors to your Shopify store in the EU, EEA, UK and Switzerland, unless they have provided consent.” So I’m afraid it might show to visitors who have already provided those informations about themselves.
But that’s why I like your suggestion about creating a hidden page on the backend of my website.

One more question: I guess from a technical standpoint it would be easier to set up a a full page from instead of an embedded form? what would be the advantages and disadvantages of one over the other? 

Also what do you think about the idea of sending english speaking customers to the Subscribe & Preference Page of my list (since that page will be in english anyway) and only creating an embedded or full page for customers who of the other languages?

Thanks again :)