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  • 28 October 2023
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We created a form in Klaviyo that asks our customers what would they like to see in a product.  It's just a form with about 3-4 text boxes and a submit button.  We created a separate list for the responses but the issue I’m having is how do I link the website to the form?  I would like to have a link on our site to the form. Thoughts?

  • This is not a signup form - more like a survey.



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The best option would be to use the embed form on your website. You would want to create a new page within your site and edit the HTML in the backend and add the embed link. This can be found when you press publish in the form editor and you would also want to add the embed link for the form which can be found in Targeting and Behavior.

Once this is added within your site, share the link to the relevant people

Here is create tutorial on Klaviyo on how to accomplish this depending on what platform you are using: