Attentive Signup vs Klaviyo Signup

  • 11 April 2022
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I am running SMS through Attentive and Email through Klaviyo. In reference to signup forms, what platform is best to use and why?


Is it better to use Klaviyo signup forms and send the numbers to Attentive for texts or use Attentive signup forms and send the emails to Klaviyo.


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4 replies

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Hi @DStrickland!

Attentive doesn’t have a back-end integration to send information from Klaviyo to Attentive, so if you are collecting emails and SMS numbers in Klaviyo, you have to set up a custom dev to pass that information back into Attentive. Because of this, we’ve found it easier to use Attentive to collect both email and SMS for clients who prefer Attentive SMS.

The Klaviyo forms offer almost all the same functionality (except the full landing page form I believe). Of course in a perfect world I would use the Klavyio form to capture all information, because you can split out email and SMS in flows very easily. Hope that helps!

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Hey @DStrickland 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thank you so much for such a great question.

Thank you @KatherineB for a great response, it’s right on the money! One thing to add is that you can actually embed a full page signup form (landing page) with Klaviyo it just takes an extra step of adding a code snippet to your ecommerce store!

Thank you both for being part of the Community!

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Ok perfect, thank you!


I was told that the Attentive numbers are not currently being brought over with consent to Klaviyo so they cannot be used by Klaviyo, how do I add “consent” to the attentive side so that everything works correctly?

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Hey @DStrickland 

You can upload and segment with consent by either CSV file upload or copy & paste. The article I linked will walk you through both options to add consent in Klaviyo!