Best Way To Track Sign Ups With Form

  • 17 March 2022
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I’d like to get some opinions on what the best way is to track new sign ups through a pop-up form which is displayed on our website homepage. The form has a button labelled “Create Account” to potential customers that do not yet have a trade account with our business. 

The tricky part is once they click that button, it takes them to the sign up page here which is completely separate from the form. 

When clicking the “Create Account” button, this shows as a form submitted, however we don’t know if anyone is created an account. When creating an account we would like to trigger a “Welcome Series” flow based on the pop-up form. 

Any ideas on the best way to track this?


Best answer by David To 18 March 2022, 17:38

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Hello @p.simo90,

A lot to unpack here!

One way I can see this being accomplished where a Welcome Series Flow is served to those users that clicked on the popup and created an account would be leveraging hidden tags and flow conditional splits.

You can do this by first ensuring your account creation form also allows your users to subscribe and be added to a list. This list will also be used as the trigger for your Welcome Series flow. Next, you can leverage the popup form’s capability of submitting a hidden field as part of the button action to tag these visitors. This will then allow you to build in a conditional split within your Welcome Series flow that would navigate users down different paths of the flow based on if they have been tagged with this custom profile property or not. 

In addition, this would allow you to create segments to capture those users who have been added to a specific list and originated from this popup form due to having a particular custom profile property. Essentially enabling you to track these users automatically within a segment. 

This strategy is similar to the ones discussed in the following Community post that you may find helpful as well:

I hope this helps!



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Chiming in here as I’m doing something similar (consolidating multiple lists into one and building a new “Master” welcome flow). Keep in mind that the $Source property gets overwritten with the most recent… source. So what might be helpful is using a hidden field as @David To recommended, and calling it “Form Submission” or similar. There’s a good chance the values for both will remain the same, but if someone subscribes via a form, and then later via checkout, your hidden field keeps a record of the original source used.