Beyond Confused (Email Subscribers)

  • 3 September 2023
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I created 1 opt-in form in Klaviyo sending subscribers to my Master List. Double opt-in has been disabled and switched to single opt-in.


For some reason when testing, the profile is added to Klaviyo but NOT the Master List. The profile shows up as ‘Never Subscribed’.


It works fine when double opt-in is enabled — but not with single opt-in. I can’t find an answer to this anywhere.


As a test, I set up a non-Klaviyo opt-in form directly in Shopify via the theme editor. When submitting an email to that form, it’s added to the Master List in Klaviyo as it should (as the integration is set up to receive and send data from/to Klaviyo/Shopify).


Any ideas on why the Klaviyo opt-in form isn’t subscribing users?


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Well the form is adding people to your Klaviyo account so it is subscribing them. As long as you have them in Klaviyo you can email them (except if they unsubscribed). Why you are seeing that Never Subscribed that is for the consent because this person never officially gave consent for receiving marketing emails. You probably don’t have a checkbox on your form that collects consent which anyway it is not a problem but you will see that Never Subscribed as fact that they haven’t officially gave you consent. 

With double opt in, clicking on the confirmation email is considered as giving consent so that is why you see the difference.


I want people who submit the form to be added to the Master List so that they enter my Welcome Flow automatically.

When they submit the form right now it just adds them as a profile and not into the Master List (even though the form is set up to add people to the Master List).


Any ideas? Thanks @Bobi N. !


Issue resolved! Turns out my IP address was blocked from all of the form testing I did when I still had double opt-in enabled… Klaviyo whitelisted my IP. All good :)