Blank page after submitting embeded form

  • 19 June 2022
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very simple problem here:

EMBEDED FORM on a stand alone page.

After users submit the form: nothing. nada. zip.


No tools provided to show a thank you message, no JS API to trigger an action on page after the form is sent. No thank you message. No redirect. Nuthin’


I see this as a problem? lol

Unless I am missing something or the interface for the form editor has some hidden options I have overlooked: there is no way to make a thank you message. At the very least after submitting the form we should be able to say things like “check your email for an opt in” or “confirm by SMS text message” - ect.


I can not even find any way to listen to the window events to trigger some fancy JS to show a message...


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Hi @webmaster,

Thanks for sharing this question with us. And sorry to hear about the trouble displaying the success message.

Try clicking on the CTA button of the form and ensure that the “After Submit” option is set to “Show Next Step”. You may have it set to the “Close Form” option which would explain the behavior you’re experiencing. You should also be able to click the word “Success” at the top of the form editor to access the customization page for the success message of the form. You can also use our forms library, which by default, will include a success message in the form.

For legacy forms, I recommend checking out the thread below which speaks to further solutions:

I hope that helps resolve the issue.

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These are our only options



The “step” is unnecessary but can not be removed.

Success can not be “edited”

Both show the “NA” circle/slash mouse cursor.



We went with “go to url”

I find it perplexing that the DEV team would set it up this way.


After messing with this… 

seems like “show next step” is what allows the SUCCESS message to activate. Just poor UX/UI imho… not intuitive. (we have no steps, calling this “show next step” is bad UI)

So. resolved. thanks!