Can I have a custom hosted manage preference page that allows subscribers to opt in and out of lists, not just segments?

  • 6 November 2023
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Hi, I have a client who has asked me to build a custom hosted manage preference page for them., which I have done. The problem I’m running into is making sure everything is working properly as my client has created lists for each interest choice, as opposed to segments. For example, the options they would like to enable their subscribers to opt in to are shown in the image below. Each option is set up as a list. As I understand it, the best practice with Klaviyo is to have one master list, and then segments to manage preferences, but my client prefers to keep things as they are, by using lists.

Based on ‘How to custom code consent pages’ it looks like it should be possible as it states:

  • Information that can be used to target and segment:
    • A checkbox for whether or not the user wants sale announcements
    • A checkbox for whether or not the user wants product announcements
    • A checkbox for whether or not the user wants blog updates
    • Other lists the user may want to join

However, everything else I read says it’s not possible. Are subscribers able to opt in and out of lists from a custom manage preference page?

Thank you! Claire


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Thank you so much for clarifying!

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Hi there @Wallsey


Happy to help! 


You are right about the efficiency and best practice of having one main list and segmenting out of this list for specific customer actions or information. Even though your client prefers different lists, I would share with them all the benefits of one main list mentioned in our documentation on the subject: 

  • One can easily find all your opted-in contacts
  • Maintain good data hygiene
  • Access list growth visibility
  • Optimize deliverability


However, in the mean time, yes if you are creating a custom consent page, you can have users added to other lists based on their choices from your custom consent page. The reason being is this is a custom page and you essentially have full control over what it looks like, asks, and does! I would reference our API documentation on our developer portal on how to accomplish this with your dev team or Klaviyo partner as we can’t troubleshoot custom code. 


However, in-house consent/preference pages generally only deal with the one list in question and does not have the native feature to add users to other lists in our functionality. 


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