Can I remove the country list from an sms form?

  • 25 October 2022
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I’d like to remove the dropdown country list in the SMS form. The form is only for US customers and the drop down form is causing issues by overlapping with content on my website where it is embedded. I can’t find an option for this. So, I’d like to remove this all together or make the only option US.


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 25 October 2022, 18:35

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2 replies

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Hi @jcogni


Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your form builder? This is what my native SMS step looks like for a form and I don’t see a native dropdown country option. The SMS step does ask you to pick one country, and you can set this as the US so the form knows to automatically add a +1 to the phone numbers added. If you wish to delete any part of the form, hover your mouse on the section of the form and there should be a trashcan symbol that appears with the ability to delete it! 




Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding in any way! Hope this helps!


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Hey @Taylor Tarpley - I have the same question - the drop down you can’t see that @jcogni and I are referring to is the country flag to the left of the phone number input box. I only want to collect UK numbers - I’m UK only company. UK is short for United Kingdom. The flag you can see in my screenshot is not the USA flag - the flag in your screenshot is a USA flag. I don’t want my customers to be able to change the flag icon - which is a graphic representation of a country drop down. Does this make sense.