Can't find results of subscription sign up?

  • 24 March 2021
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Hey guys,

I’ve never used Klayivo before, but I have a web Design and Development online business, and I’m hoping to use it to keep my customers updated, and bring in more clients. The issue I’m having is that earlier today, I subscribed as a test my own address to the site, and when I look at the dashboard it tells me it has recieved the submission, but I for the life of me can’t find out where to view the information gathered from that form.


Can anybody give me a hand here?


Also, is there a way to integrate specific signup forms directly into a page?


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4 replies

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on the top search bar above Dashboard menu and next to Klaviyo logo search for your email and it will open your profile.. When it opens on the left side it will show your actions and on the right side it will show you all the info klaviyo collected about you


about forms to pages yes.. you need to go to signup forms menu, create embed form and embed the link from the form on your website where you want to place it. (just make sure the form is live/published in klaviyo, other way you wont be able to see it on your website)

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Unfortunately, I tried that. It shows me the name and email but doesn’t say the correct date of when I signed up.

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Hi @S.Lesko4,

You mentioned that it doesn’t display the “correct date” of your signup -- what date is displayed? Can you post a screenshot?



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Hello @S.Lesko4

Adding to what @Bobi N. had mentioned, should you want to see the results of your signup form, such as if you had asked any questions as part of the form, you should be able to view these results directly in the profile that signed up for the form. If your form is set correctly to be collecting these answers as Custom Profile Properties, the results would be mapped and found in the Custom Profile Properties of the profile who filled out the form. 


Similarly, you can use segmentation to gather these form results as highlighted in the How to Segment for Form Results article. Depending on how you have mapped these questions and fields, you can use a segment rule such as “Properties about someone, Profile Property equals X (Profile Property Value)”.