Can't type in form unless scrolled to bottom of page

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I have an email form on my footer and I can't type in it unless I scroll to where the form is on the bottom of my screen. I am trying to put it on mobile and have it set for mobile only. 


Best answer by David To 6 July 2022, 22:44

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Hello @Tylerj07,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Do you mind elaborating further on what the issue you’re seeing is and potentially providing a video or screenshot that would help other Community members understand the situation more? 

From the sounds of it though, this seems to be a pretty fairly natural behavior that if you have an embedded signup form on the footer of your site, it wouldn’t be accessible unless you scrolled down to the footer of the page to interact with it. 


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Hi David,

I mean it only let's me click on it when it's at the bottom of my screen, I'll be in the footer section where I can see it but I can't click on it unless I move it to the bottom. I figured out it is the z index so i set the z index higher ad it works now however I'm having the problem of it showing on top of my cart pop out.

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Hey @Tylerj07,

Thanks for those additional details! This certainly sounds like some conflict on your site’s code/CSS. I would recommend working alongside your developer to see if you can spot what the conflict is to be resolved. 

One potential solution as stated in our Signup Form Troubleshooting Help Center article:

Form Looks Different than the Editor 

Klaviyo forms should render on your website as they have been designed in Klaviyo. If this isn’t the case, then your site’s CSS is overriding the styling of the form. Look for !important tags in your CSS and remove these if possible. Your developer can also use your browser’s developer tools to inspect the site’s code and identify the problem CSS. If you are still having trouble, find help here.

If you need an introduction to a developer, you can find our Partner Directory here which you can use to connect with other experts in the field who can provide more hands on assistance.