Can you populate forms with custom properties?

  • 17 July 2022
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We all know how you can use custom profile properties/variable syntax to populate email content, but I am struggling to get the same approach to work with forms content? Is this even possible?

Use case: Collect SMS via popup shown to returning visitors that are on List X + no phone and have a profession listed as a custom property (from when they first signed up).

Desired outcome: Popup SMS capture form that says something along the lines of:

“Welcome back! Sign up for SMS alerts and be the first to know when our 

{{ person|lookup:'Profession'|default:'bestselling' }} shirts are back in stock.

Haven’t found any documentation that explicitly says if this is or is not possible in forms. Currently the form is just literally displaying the syntax code on the front end.




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Hi @Alex B.,

Thank you for sharing this question with us.

You won’t be able to display custom properties using our sign-up forms. You can, however, use coupon codes (if you’re looking for an incentive to loop someone in to fill the form) and/or set up a back in stock email containing the person look-up syntax you mentioned.

I hope that’s helpful.