Challenges with Updating Email Templates in Klaviyo

  • 30 December 2023
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Issue 1: Challenges with Updating Email Templates in Klaviyo

I have noticed that my efforts to create custom email templates for confirmation pages, success messages, and unsubscribe confirmations in Klaviyo are encountering difficulties. Despite uploading my own templates, Klaviyo continues to send out standard emails. How can I address this issue and ensure that my personalized templates are applied correctly?

Issue 2: Missing Discount Code Delivery after Sign-up via the Sign-up Forms

Another problem I am facing involves the sign-up process through the registration forms. After successfully signing up (following email confirmation), I do not receive a discount code via email. How can I resolve this issue?



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I understand your frustrations with Klaviyo and I'm here to help! Let's tackle these issues one by one:

Issue 1: Custom Email Templates Not Working

Here are some troubleshooting steps for your custom email templates not appearing:

  • Double-check upload: Ensure the templates are uploaded correctly to the corresponding categories (confirmation, success, unsubscribe). Check if the file format is supported (HTML, AMP HTML).
  • Active or Draft Status: Verify if the templates are set to "Active" and not "Draft."
  • List Triggers: Double-confirm the triggers associated with each template. Do they align with the email types (confirmation, success, unsubscribe)?
  • Preview Testing: Send a test email to yourself using the "Preview" function within Klaviyo. This will help you identify any errors or incorrect template selection.

If you've checked all these points and the issue persists, reach out to Klaviyo support. They can further diagnose the problem and guide you through a technical solution.

Issue 2: Missing Discount Code after Sign-up

Here are some potential reasons why the discount code isn't arriving:

  • Flow Trigger: Ensure your welcome flow is triggered by the correct list (where you expect sign-ups to land). Check if the trigger is set to "Signup to list" and select the appropriate list.
  • Email Action: Verify if the welcome email within the flow contains the discount code or "coupon_code" tag (if using automatic insertion). Check if the email is set to "Live" and hasn't accidentally been paused.
  • Coupon Activation: Double-check if the discount code itself is active in Shopify. Inactive codes won't be sent out even if everything else is configured correctly.
  • Test Sign-up: Try signing up yourself to test the flow and see if the email with the discount code arrives. This will help you identify any hiccups in the process.

If you've verified all these aspects and the discount code is still missing, contact Klaviyo support. They can help investigate the flow settings and ensure the code is delivered as intended.


Feel free to ask further questions or provide more details if you need further assistance!


I did everything it said, but it still doesn't work. Do I need a subscriber plan for this?

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Hi there @emailsettingsmoo


I can confirm that you do not need a paid subscription for this feature! 


First, unfortunately, there are some parts of our product, like our confirmation and unsubscribe pages that offer limited personalization. We have received customer feedback that it is a feature request you all want and it is actively on our roadmap. However, in the meantime you do have the option to customize consent pages.


As for the missing discount code, @Sodiq shared some helpful troubleshooting steps! Can you confirm you have taken the following steps:

  • Accepted the second confirmation message if your list is set to double opt-in 
  • Confirm that your flow is connected to your form’s signup list
  • Your flow messages are turned live
  • You followed our documentation on how to add coupon codes to flow messages 


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