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  • 1 July 2021
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I can’t see any option to change the background colour of the button in my flyout email capture form. All other styling options I can see but not this one - can anybody help?


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Hi! Welcome to the community :)


So, make sure you’re not clicked on any block and then you’ll the options “Blocks, Styles, Behaviours” on the left side.  Click “Styles” and you’ll options for the form background.  Here’s a screenshot below. 


If you see something different, send a screenshot of the optons you’re seeing.



OMG im so sorry! I meant the button colour but I wrote background! There is just no option to change the colour of the subscribe button it seems. by default the button is grey but i want to change it to black. thank you for your help in advance! 

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Hello @cristinabandf,

Happens to the best of us! Thanks to @Mailbox Manny, if you wanted to know how to change the background of your signup form, there you have it!

To change the color of a button on your signup form, you would first select the button and change the Background Color option under the Button Style section. 

I hope this helps!


brilliant, that worked! seems so obvious now but couldn’t for the life of me figure it out! thanks again :)