Collecting Phone Numbers In Klaviyo and sending them to Attentive?

  • 4 May 2022
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Is it possible without custom dev work to send phone numbers collected via Klaviyo forms to Attentive and trigger a text message?


Best answer by stephen.trumble 6 May 2022, 02:20

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3 replies

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I don’t have the answer, but why not use Attentive forms and have emails sent back to Klaviyo? (I know that’s possible through the integration). 

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Hey @Kelly 

Thank you so much for asking the community a great question. Hope I can help @Mailbox Manny answer this for you!

You do have to ability to add webhooks to a flow, which will allow you to send their phone numbers once they have reached a certain place in a flow. So an example could be you collect their phone number from a Klaviyo signup form and then use that list to trigger a welcome series flow. You can add a webhook at the beginning of the flow that will send the phone number to Attentive. 

The article I linked at the beginning will walk you through how to set it up. However just keep in mind that it can be a little complicated to set up.

Also, @Mailbox Manny is 💯 right, if you don't feel comfortable setting up webhooks in your flows, you can use Attentive forms and send profiles into Klaviyo as an easy alternative. Hope this helps!

@stephen.trumble - Do you have to use zapier to create the web hooks for this?